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The legalization of cannabis in Germany will create a billion-euro market for a modern stimulant that has proven its positive effects many times over. Cannovum is one of the market leaders in the industry and thus has the ideal starting position to shape the cannabis revolution.

Focus on quality

The well-being of people is a topic close to our hearts. Today, we already provide thousands of patients with high-quality medical cannabis. More than 10 percent of all German cannabis-distributing pharmacies are our regular customers. Trust in Cannovum means trust in quality, experience and expertise.
  • All required licenses for the sale of medical cannabis
  • Experienced scientific and medical expertise on the advisory board
  • Partnerships with pharmacies, suppliers and associations

Benefit from the cannabis revolution

Cannovum is the first fully licensed cannabis company on the German stock market. With legalization of recreational cannabis, the market is on the verge of a revolution, with an estimated market potential of 8 billion euros - in Germany alone. As one of the market leaders in medical cannabis, Cannovum is optimally prepared for this.

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Experience the future

Buying cannabis with undependable quality in dark corners will soon be a thing of the past. In the future, there will be attractive stores with high quality products at affordable prices. Experience this future soon - on a virtual tour through our design study of a possible flagship store.

Get to know our founder

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Pia Marten
Pia Marten is  co-founder and CEO of Cannovum AG. Born in 1990, she is the youngest chairwoman of a publicly traded corporation in Germany. Before founding Cannovum, she worked in the renewable energy sector. She is committed to female founders, sustainable business and a relaxed approach to cannabis in society.

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