Our Vision

Every patient deserves the best therapy.

Medical cannabis can be a significant part of that therapy. Cannovum actively promotes access to cannabis for every patient that this form of therapy could help. For us as pioneers of the European cannabis revolution, the well-being of patients is our first priority.

Information and exchange.

As an expert in medical cannabis, Cannovum has specialised in the import and distribution of high quality cannabis products. Also the provision of information for physicians and pharmacists is an important factor for us.

Beside the patients health, Cannovum attaches great importance to the consultation of physicians and pharmacists. We are sure that this is a key position nowadays. We would like to offer individual consultations by our trained and experienced staff. From patients to pharmacists, every interested party should have the opportunity to inform themselves extensively about legal conditions, our high-quality products and the associated service.

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Quality Management

Cannovum quality management is in line with our company philosophy. Our highest priority is the benefit of the patients, which we guarantee through our experienced license partners. All steps within our supply chain, i.e. the path of our products from the manufacturer to the patient, are of the highest quality and are strictly monitored and controlled by our quality management. The quality awareness as well as the dedication of all Cannovum AG employees to quality is a prerequisite for patient satisfaction. Through the wholesale permission according to §52a of the German Drug Law (AMG) and the permission in handling narcotics according to §3 of the German Federal Drug Law (BtMG) we fulfil the GDP guidelines and guarantee a safe and responsible handling of narcotics to ensure the safety of the patients. Due to our high quality standards, we are the right contact when it is about the best possible therapy for patients.

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