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12. February 2021

Cannovum is now part of the BPC

We are excited to announce our partnership with the BPC, who promote sustainable development of cannabinoid therapies and strengthen the legitimacy of the pharmaceutical cannabinoid industry.

05. January 2021

Handelsblatt: Interview with our CEO Pia Marten

Handelsblatt published an entrepreneur profile that covers the motivation of our CEO Pia Marten behind founding Cannovum AG. Find the article here:

08. December 2020

Market entry Cannovum

With the market entry and the launch of our online shop, Cannovum takes a big step forward to further improve the supply of patients with cannabinoid-based therapies.

03. November 2020

Cannovum welcomes Sanda Bütow as Head of Medical Affairs.

Sandra has 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry and has led the development of the medical affairs department and the education platform "Aurora Academy" for the Canadian manufacturer Aurora.

17. October 2020

Meeting in Berlin with Friedrich Merz (Politician/CDU)

Our CEO Pia Marten met Friedrich Merz and other entrepreneurs in Berlin. The discussion focused on topics like digitalization, entrepreneurship, and promotion of innovation.

12. October 2020

Cannovum received its GMP manufacturing license

Cannovum is now a fully licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler and manufacturer. This means we can streamline our supply chain by packaging and labeling in Germany.

10. August 2020

Chief Medical Advisor

We are pleased to announce that  Dr. med. Dipl.-Chem. Konrad F. Cimander will support us with his expertise in the field of medical cannabis. Learn more about Dr. Cimander on our Medical Advisory Board:

30. July 2020

Fully licensed wholesaler

We are now a fully licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler and ready  to make our vision come true! Find our licenses here:


21. July 2020

Moved to Factory Berlin

Cannovum AG has moved to Factory Berlin. We are looking forward to meeting many more innovative companies and expanding our network.


24. June 2020

Cultivator successfully audited

Cannovum performed a successful GMP audit of its first supplier. We ensure that our cultivators adhere to strict EU GMP regulations, highest standards and quality.


22. May 2020

Who is the typical German cannabis patient? (English article)

Pia has released an english translation of her well received article. Read about her insights from the BfArM survey on Medium:

03. May 2020

Who is the typical German cannabis patient? (German article)

Our CEO and Co-Founder  has studied the most comprehensive data on cannabis patients in Germany and shared her insights on


24. April 2020

Cannovum received the GDP certificate

And another one: We're now officially compliant to EU-GDP standards. See our licenses below:

24. April 2020

Cannovum received the pharmaceutical wholesale license

Cannovum reached another milestone! We were granted the pharmaceutical wholesale license (§52a AMG). See our license below:


15. March 2020

Cannovum is an official supporting member of the BvCW

We're happy to be part of the network that connects the cannabis industry in Germany and Europe! Learn more about the BvCW on their website:


10. March 2020

Cannovum is now a member of the VCA

We're proud to announce that we're now an official supporting member of the "VCA", the German association for cannabis dispensing pharmacies.


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