Cannovum AG enters the full-spectrum cannabis extract market

Cannovum has signed a supply agreement for full-spectrum cannabis extracts. The extracts are distributed to pharmacies under Cannovum's own brand. 

Cannovum enters the full-spectrum cannabis extract market


Berlin, 29th June 2021. Cannovum AG has signed a supply agreement for full-spectrum cannabis extracts through its licensed subsidiary, Cannovum Health eG.

Cannabis extracts contain the highest total amount of active ingredients. By extracting all active ingredients from the medicinal cannabis flower, all relevant cannabinoids and secondary plant compounds, such as terpenes, are preserved.The entourage effect, which describes the interaction of all ingredients of the cannabis plant, ensures a broad spectrum of effects in cannabis whole extracts and a reduction of undesirable effects of the individual substances.

 The inclusion of cannabis extracts in the product portfolio is another important step towards making cannabis-based therapies possible across the board and using them effectively and individually tailored to patients.

"I believe that every patient deserves the best therapy. That's why we want to support doctors and pharmacists in providing patients with a complete medical cannabis portfolio. Full-spectrum extracts play an important role in this because their mechanism of action and ease of oral administration provide another therapeutic option. This allows us to cover the full spectrum of therapies, reach a large group of patients, and give doctors the opportunity to put together an individual therapy for their patients," says Pia Marten, CEO of Cannovum AG.

 The extracts are distributed to pharmacies under Cannovum's own brand. The manufacturer is anon-European pharmaceutical company with many years of experience in the extraction process.

 Cannabis extracts are becoming increasingly important in the market across Europe. InGermany, steady growth is emerging over the last three years, with pharmacy purchases of extracts rising from 4.8 liters in 2017 to more than 1,300 liters in 2020, with the first half of last year alone seeing a 63% growth in purchase volume.


About Cannovum:

Cannovum AG is the first German listed medical cannabis company. The shares are traded on the Düsseldorf, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and gettex stock exchanges. Through its subsidiary Cannovum Health eG, Cannovum is a fully licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler, importer and manufacturer of high-quality medical cannabis products based in Berlin. The company focuses on the import of high-quality cannabinoid products, medical-scientific education and all-encompassing distribution for simplified and facilitated access to cannabis-based therapies.



Linda Rasch, Head of Communications, Cannovum AG, Phone +49 30 3982 163 62,

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