Cannovum AG receives active ingredient license

This is an extension of the wholesale permit and allows the trade of active ingredients. One of the main active ingredients of cannabis is THC, which is considered to have the greatest pharmaceutical potential and therapeutic efficacy.

Cannovum AG expands cannabis wholesale permission and enters the active ingredient market


Berlin, 28th September 2021. Cannovum AG is expanding its wholesale permission through its subsidiary, Cannovum Health eG. The expansion includes the active ingredient license, which enables the trading of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Cannovum is now authorized to distribute dronabinol, a synthetic form of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) the first cannabis-based active ingredient, to pharmacies.

 Active pharmaceutical ingredients are the components of a medication that are responsible for its efficacy. They trigger the essential biochemical process that ensures the medication acts in a specific way in the human body. One of the most important active ingredients of cannabis is THC, which is considered to have the greatest pharmaceutical potential and therapeutic efficacy.Compared to CBD, it has a psychoactive effect and there are already a large number of studies showing its anti-inflammatory and anti-emetic properties.

Cannovum's scientific sales force has undergone intensive training with medical professionals, including for the new THC active ingredients, to assist physicians and pharmacists with individual cannabis-based therapies. 

"We want to improve patient care and that’s why we decided to add active substances to our portfolio.Active ingredients are the core element of every medication and indispensable in the effective therapy of patients. We want to give physicians the opportunity to find an effective individual treatment for each of their patients, because every patient deserves the best therapy," says Pia Marten, CEO of Cannovum AG.

 With the active ingredient license, Cannovum can now deal with active pharmaceutical ingredients in general and is not limited to dronabinol. In addition, Cannovum already holds the pharmaceutical wholesale licenses, including the GMP license (GoodManufacturing Practice) required to map manufacturing steps in Germany and guarantee safe production in the pharmaceutical sector.


About Cannovum:

Cannovum AG is the first German listed medical cannabis company. The shares are traded on the Düsseldorf, Munich, Berlin,Hamburg and gettex stock exchanges. Through its subsidiary Cannovum Health eG, Cannovum is a fully licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler, importer and manufacturer of high-quality medical cannabis products based in Berlin. The company focuses on the import of high-quality cannabinoid products, medical-scientific education and all-encompassing distribution for simplified and facilitated access to cannabis-based therapies.



Linda Rasch, Head of Communications, Cannovum AG,

Phone +49 303982 163 62

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